Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your Library Barcode

The Library Barcode functions as the Library Card.
To get your card:

1. Visit the library on campus,or
2. Call 386-754-4401 or 754-4400, or
3. Email and make a request.
In that email, please give us your student I.D. # and full name.

To Complete the Research Skills Activity,

you'll need your barcode to access the database resources.

1. Login by typing in the 14 digit number with no spaces.

2. Your pin # is the last four digits of your social security number.

When you've completed the activity, you can mail in the document as an attachment to, or use the Submit button on the online PDF form.

If you have trouble submitting the PDF form of the Research Skills Activity, you may copy and paste the entire activity into the message of your email to

What Happens Then?

The librarian will email you and your instructor about the completion and score of the activity. PLEASE TELL US WHICH INSTRUCTOR(S) WE NEED TO CONTACT!

If you have not correctly answered any questions, we will be glad to assist you to find the answers. We can do this by phone, email, or personal appointment. This is your choice to contact the librarian for this assistance.

Do You Ever Have to Do This Activity Again?

There are several levels of the Research Skills Activity. If you completed the General Activity during a previous term, your present instructor may require you to complete another activity customized for the present course.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you KEEP THE EMAILS FROM THE LIBRARIANS that verify which activity you completed, for which course and instructor. These emails may be the only record you will have to verify the completion of these activities.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

If you have suggestions or comments about this process of receiving your barcode, completing the orientations, or library services for distant learners, please email Library Director Jim Morris

Thank you!
If you have any questions, please ASK-A-LIBRARIAN!

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